Would you be surprised to know most men do not stop at BRO-Tox?


Today, men of all ages and types are requesting cosmetic plastic surgery procedures almost just as much as women! You may be surprised to know that men are seeking more than just Botox (or as we love to call it – BRO-TOX). More and more, men have goals that include a balanced nose, a rejuvenated face and even slimmer and trimmer chests and waistlines.

Men strive for the ideal male body shape – trim and athletic, broad shoulders, strong chest, flat abdomen, and a trim hip-thigh area. Just like with women, as men age, areas of fat tend to accumulate around the abdomen, flanks, chest/breast area, chin and neck. Men sometimes seek liposuction to remove these fatty areas that are resistant to diet and exercise.

To achieve the “look”, men are seeking traditional and/or laser liposuction to correct many of these problem areas. Full abdominoplasties or tummy tucks are being requested by men who have hanging abdominal skin or loose muscles. For our older (or we prefer to say “more distinguished”) male patients, they are concerned about fatty jowls, chins and necks. Often, laser liposuction can satisfy the need, but in some cases, a facelift and necklift is needed. This includes the removal of excess skin and tightening the platysma muscles, which run down each side of the neck.

Many, many men would prefer non-surgical rejuvenation treatments. We offer those, too! Botox to reduce and lessen fine lines and wrinkles. Dermal injections to fill in deep lines and bring fresh volume back to face and hands. Laser skin treatments and skincare products to remove dead skin, spots, wrinkles, fine lines, and hair – refreshing, rejuvenating, creating a more youthful you.

Calling all MEN out there! Don’t be shy … you would be surprised which of your friends is scheduled for a treatment or procedure already!

Dr. Jerry Guanciale is a DUAL Board Certified Surgeon (General and General Cosmetic) ready to partner with you in your journey! Call today to consult tomorrow!

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Fat Grafting – Rejuvenate and Renew with FAT!


Fat grafting, also known as fat transfer or fat injections, describes the procedure of transferring fat from areas with extra fat on the body to the areas that are lacking in volume.

Fat grafting can greatly improve the contours and balance of the face while restoring the fat volume that gives us a youthful look that we all lose with age. Fat injections may be more advantageous than choosing a filler commonly known as a “liquid face lift”.

To harvest the fat used in the transfer/grafting procedure, you would undergo liposuction preferably in the abdomen and love handles. Some providers use a manual fat cleaning/transfer process, but thankfully, Dr. Guanciale has the Adivive (Lipokit™).

The Adivive is an all-in-one FDA-approved medical device for collecting, filtering, and transferring a patient’s own fat for use in cosmetic plastic surgery. This is important and unique because unlike manual fat harvest and transfer techniques that most cosmetic and plastic surgeons are using today, the use of the Adivive technology allows for the fat to be filtered to its cellular components. The amount of fat that survives the fat transfer technique has traditionally been unpredictable and often discouraging, but concentrating the unwanted fat with Adivive may significantly improve fat survival thus, improving the cosmetic result following the procedure.

If you are looking for a natural way to regain your youthful appearance, consider Fat Transfer! If you are going to undergo a fat transfer procedure, choose the FDA approved technique to maximize your chances of an optimal result – choose the Adivive and Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Jerry Guanciale!

*Image displayed is an actual patient of Dr. Guanciale’s who received fat transfer to the full face.

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Gynecomastia ~ Don’t hide it … Treat it!

gynecomastia-diagIt can be an embarrassing disease, but it does not have to be – Gynecomastia can be treated easily and safely! Gynecomastia is a condition of over-developed or enlarged breasts in men caused by hormonal changes, heredity conditions, disease or a side effect from the use of various drugs over a course of time.

Causing physical and emotional discomfort resulting in lowered self-confidence, some men may even avoid certain clothing, activities, and intimacy situations simply to hide their condition.

Gynecomastia is essentially a breast reduction for men where Dr. Guanciale would pursue a surgical correction of over-developed or enlarged breasts.

If you have excess localized fat or glandular tissue development or maybe a combination of both in either one (1) or both breasts, this laser liposuction procedure may be right for you!

If you are bothered by the feeling that your breasts are too large, don’t spend a lifetime concealing and hiding when your gynecomastia can be resolved with a one (1) hour cosmetic liposuction surgery and a few weeks of light healing!

Consult with dual Board Certified General and Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Jerry Guanciale is only a phone call away – 928.768.1616!

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The “Mommy Makeover” – Body Contouring Post-Pregnancy

mother-and-newborn-babyThe effects of pregnancy and breast-feeding can lead to irreversible changes in a woman’s body. Don’t get me wrong! It’s worth it … your baby is worth it. But, following pregnancy, if you are having a tough time getting your body back, we are here to help!

Breast feeding can cause breasts to sag due to massive changes in the size and weight of the breasts over the course of pregnancy and then post-birth, too. Abdominal muscles become weak and overall, your body may redistribute the manner in which you carry weight in different areas. These changes tend to be permanent following the birth of your little bundle of joy, but there are options available to restore your body to a youthful and toned mom!

The “Mommy Makeover” does not need to include each of these procedures; however, these are the most common post-pregnancy body contouring requests: Lifting of the breasts and in some cases including an implant, abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), scar revisions from c-sections, and liposuction.

Don’t rush into a “Mommy Makeover” … give your body time to change and heal. If you are breast feeding, you will need to wait until that stage is over before taking this step, but when you are ready, know that all of these procedures may be safely performed at Valley View Medical Center. Contact Board Certified surgeon, Dr. Jerry Guanciale, to schedule your consultation: (928) 768-1616.

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If you smoke & you want surgery … consider this!

6325827-couple-smoking-a-no-smoking-signOften our patients question why we request they give up smoking before cosmetic surgery. The short answer: if you smoke, you risk not healing properly. The long answer: smoking and nicotine deprive your body of oxygen, and that oxygen is essential not only to heal safely, but also to healing well.

It’s imperative that you quit smoking at least two weeks before you undergo surgery and as many as eight weeks after surgery. This means no cigarettes, cigars, patches, gum, or oral nicotine.

Smoking before, during, and after a surgery will greatly hinder the healing process. Your body needs to the oxygen to transport the blood supply to the surgical area. A good blood supply ensures the body is able to create new tissue and repair the area resulting in a positive healing process.

Although this is difficult, not smoking for several weeks before and after surgery may ultimately help you quit for life. And, as you probably know and hear all the time, the benefits of quitting for good go well beyond better healing after surgery.

Consult with Dr. Jerry Guanciale – Fort Mohave and Bullhead City, Arizona’s ONLY Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeon! 928.768.1616

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Oh So Baby Soft … SKIN!

While we may never have that BABY soft skin again, there are five (5) key factors in keeping your skin as healthy, young, and fresh as possible!

H20: Drinking water is the best way to keep the body hydrated. Dehydrated skin actually stems from internal dehydration. A body is deficient in water causes organs to become dehydrated including the skin. Dehydrated skin causes very fine lines, flatl skin color and dry, tight skin.

Exercise: This is essential because it helps stimulate the lymphatic system, which keeps everything moving including your blood. Proper blood flow fuels the underlying cells so that they can function at their best creating a healthy glow.

Smoking: Chemicals in cigarettes are extremely damaging to the skin as they depletes the body of vitamin C and accelerates the rate at which collagen and elastin are broken down in the skin.

Diet: The digestive system and skin have a reciprocal effect on each other. Since the skin is a functioning organ, when not enough vitamins and minerals are ingested to fuel the body, the skin suffers.

Sun: Constant sun exposure breaks down collagen and elastin from within, making the skin less elastic and thinner, leading to wrinkles. The effects of the sun begin as soon as we are exposed to it at an early age. Years later, we start to see brown and red spots along with wrinkles.

We have the skincare products as well as the laser and chemical treatments to customize a rejuvination plan for you! 843.995.5005

Dual Board Certified in General and Cosmetic Surgery, consult with Dr. Guanciale today!

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Summer Survival Guide for Happy, Healthy, Glowing Skin

Are you craving beautiful summertime skin? It’s more achievable than you think. We are consistently asked by our patients what they can do to achieve happy, healthy, glowing skin so we wanted to share our answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

Which products should I use in the summer?
Sunscreen (ideally SPF 15 or higher) should be a part of everyone’s daily routine regardless of their skin type. There are several great skincare products offered at our office by Obagi (the #1 prescription skincare line) to keep your face smooth and wrinkle free while also protecting it during the summer months.

How often should I replace my sunscreen?
Sunscreens should be replaced every season even if it hasn’t expired to ensure that the active ingredients are still effective.

Are there any products or routines that should be avoided in the summer?
Avoid acne extractions. These can increase inflammation and the likelihood of scarring.

How often should I exfoliate?
Exfoliating is great for the skin as it removes dead skin cells and stimulates the production of new skin cells which keeps skin looking younger and wrinkle-free. We recommend exfoliating 2-3 times per week during the summer as skin tends to be oilier and bacteria builds up on the surface of facial skin, causing bumps and acne breakouts. This will keep oil in check and prevent breakouts. For a light refresher, but a deeper exfoliation other than what you can achieve at home, try microdermabrasion or other light laser skin treatments.

Can I have a filler treatment in the summer months?
Injectable treatments such as Botox, Juvederm, and other muscle inhibitor injections or dermal fillers an be performed all year long.

Is there anything else I can do to protect my skin?
Invest in a great hat! Yes we are recommending you go shopping. You will look stylish and your face will thank you.

Dr. Jerry Guanciale is a Board Certified in General Surgery as well as General Cosmetic Surgery. Consult today for any of your cosmetic needs – (928) 768-1616!

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