So Many Soap Options … What to do? Which to Pick?

products2With all the new skin care products and tools, it can be confusing trying to decide the best way to wash your face. Not too long ago, the only choices you had in facial cleansers were bar soap and cold creams. Now, entire store aisles are devoted to various facial cleansing options. Facial cleansing is important because the face has so many sebaceous glands that the skin is oilier. In addition, we apply cosmetics and products that create a film on the skin, trapping pollutants from the environment like dust and cigarette smoke. You would think the face needs some aggressive cleansing.

Before you go scrubbing away all that oil and grime, you should understand how delicate the skin on your face is. The top layer of the face’s skin, the stratum corneum, has fewer cell layers than any other part of the body except the genitalia. This thinner layer makes the skin more easily irritated. Also, because the face moves so much and has so many nerve endings, it’s easier to notice tightness there. This combination means the skin has the potential to get irritated.

An important guideline to follow when deciding how to wash your face is this: Use the mildest cleanser that gets rid of oil and residue.

Now may be a good time to point out that you shouldn’t use the same soap for your face that you use for your body, even if you’re using liquid cleanser for your body. Facial soaps are designed specifically for sensitive facial skin, and even the mildest body soap is too hard on the face.

Our office now offers ZO Medical® and ZO Skin Health® products which includes an array of products allowing us to customize a plan! ZO Medical® has several facial cleansers designed with you in mind!

Oilacleanse™- Cleanser for normal to oily skin
Normacleanse™- Cleanser for normal to dry skin
Foamacleanse™- Gentle foaming face cleanser

Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Jerry M. Guanciale and Licensed Aesthetician, Kristin, team up at General & Cosmetic Surgical Specialists of Arizona located at 5300 Hwy 95, Suite A in Fort Mohave, AZ to design a custom skin care regimen just for you! Call today – (928) 768-1616

Learn more – click here:

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