Your Skin will Sing the Vitamin A,B,C’s and even the D’s if you Pay Attention to Ingredients

1003070_164406210411925_63927993_nThe “A” in vitamin A could stand for “anti-aging” given it is the most effective vitamin to fight acne, reduce fine lines, soften the skin, decrease pore size and reduce skin discoloration. Vitamin A works at the cellular level of skin to rejuvenate and correct.

When looking for a topical skincare product, be sure to review the ingredients list. Concentrated, potent ingredients will be listed first or early in the list. You want Vitamin A to be one of the first few, for sure!

The “B” in vitamin B3 could really stand for the “barrier”! Vitamin B3 acts as a barrier between your skin and the harsh environment blocking out pollution, smoke, free radicals! All of those external damaging agents break down your skin’s integrity leading to dull, winkled skin!

Fight back with skincare products containing B3 – look for niacin and/or niacinamide on the ingredients list.

When you think “C” vitamin think “corrector”! Vitamin C is the damage reverser because it’s used to reduce and correct sun damage as well as discoloration while it strengthens the skin through collagen production. Consistent use of Vitamin C in your skin care regimen can also fight future sun damage. The Vitamin C shelters the skin from UV rays soaking them up rather than letting them pass through which protects your skin from the damaging rays. Who knew?!

Topical skincare products that contain vitamins are great, for sure, but amp up your skincare health with a vitamin rich diet and supplements!

When you think of vitamin “D” you probably think it’s a skin “destroyer” because a common vehicle to receive a dose of it is via sun exposure, but give vitamin D another chance! It’s key to healthy skin as well and like other vitamins, as you age, the levels of vitamin D drop in the body. Using a skincare product and supplements that include vitamin D will help brighten dull skin, improve skin elasticity, and fight inflammation and acne. And a controlled. sunscreened dose of vitamin D via sun exposure is always good for the soul!

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