The “Mommy Makeover” – Body Contouring Post-Pregnancy

mother-and-newborn-babyThe effects of pregnancy and breast-feeding can lead to irreversible changes in a woman’s body. Don’t get me wrong! It’s worth it … your baby is worth it. But, following pregnancy, if you are having a tough time getting your body back, we are here to help!

Breast feeding can cause breasts to sag due to massive changes in the size and weight of the breasts over the course of pregnancy and then post-birth, too. Abdominal muscles become weak and overall, your body may redistribute the manner in which you carry weight in different areas. These changes tend to be permanent following the birth of your little bundle of joy, but there are options available to restore your body to a youthful and toned mom!

The “Mommy Makeover” does not need to include each of these procedures; however, these are the most common post-pregnancy body contouring requests: Lifting of the breasts and in some cases including an implant, abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), scar revisions from c-sections, and liposuction.

Don’t rush into a “Mommy Makeover” … give your body time to change and heal. If you are breast feeding, you will need to wait until that stage is over before taking this step, but when you are ready, know that all of these procedures may be safely performed at Valley View Medical Center. Contact Board Certified surgeon, Dr. Jerry Guanciale, to schedule your consultation: (928) 768-1616.

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