If you smoke & you want surgery … consider this!

6325827-couple-smoking-a-no-smoking-signOften our patients question why we request they give up smoking before cosmetic surgery. The short answer: if you smoke, you risk not healing properly. The long answer: smoking and nicotine deprive your body of oxygen, and that oxygen is essential not only to heal safely, but also to healing well.

It’s imperative that you quit smoking at least two weeks before you undergo surgery and as many as eight weeks after surgery. This means no cigarettes, cigars, patches, gum, or oral nicotine.

Smoking before, during, and after a surgery will greatly hinder the healing process. Your body needs to the oxygen to transport the blood supply to the surgical area. A good blood supply ensures the body is able to create new tissue and repair the area resulting in a positive healing process.

Although this is difficult, not smoking for several weeks before and after surgery may ultimately help you quit for life. And, as you probably know and hear all the time, the benefits of quitting for good go well beyond better healing after surgery.

Consult with Dr. Jerry Guanciale – Fort Mohave and Bullhead City, Arizona’s ONLY Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeon! 928.768.1616

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