Skin – Your Body’s Largest Organ! Keep it Healthy!

Glowing skin is healthy skin! Healthy skin is fresh skin! Fresh skin is new skin! New skin is made of new cells! When the rate at which cells are renewed slows down, that is when your skin (and you!) will appear aged and older. While naturally aging plays a role in a slow down of skin cell turnover, you don’t have to leave it all in the hands of Father Time! You can keep your skin cells healthy, refreshed and happy with some easy lifestyle choices!

The saying “you are what you eat” rings true not only for your weight, but the health of your skin, too! Ingesting high levels of sugar will boost skin inflammation and its damaging effects, for example. Eat good fats and oils found in foods like tuna, salmon, soybeans, tofu, olive oil and avocado! These helpful fats and oils will help regulate cell metabolism, boost cellular repair, and suppress inflammation.

Encourage cell renewal by removing the top layer of dead, old, dull skin cells with a quick microdermabrasion treatment or peel, either laser or chemical. Varying levels for varying needs – both are a great way to jump-start healthy skin!

Supplement your diet with Vitamin E to prevent oxidative damage and protect your skin’s cell membranes. Vitamin E isn’t the only vitamin beneficial in the alphabet of vitamins! Vitamins A, C, K and B are also vital to repairing, protecting and renewing skin cells.

Skin cell renewal is slowed with environmental stressors such as free radicals and sun damage. Battle back with incorporating Vitamin C into your skin care regimen. Vitamin C can be a strong ally to cell renewal as is wards off free radical and sun damage when used regularly and properly. Consider using Obagi Professional-C® Serums!

Medical grade skin care products by Obagi will round out your efforts for healthy skin! Why trust your skin to anyone else when Obagi is #1 in medical products. It’s a regimen you will be on for life once you see the difference in your skin!

If your skin is healthy, fresh, and new … YOU will be radiant, youthful, and glowing! Consult with Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Jerry Guanciale, today!

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