Enhance! Augment! Reshape! … With Breast Enhancement Surgery!

natrelleBreast augmentation surgery is the use of implants to enhance breast shape and size. The decision to undergo breast augmentation is a very personal, but very rewarding one. Many different types of women benefit from the procedure whether they are simply trying to restore what they lost with pregnancy, or improve upon their natural shape and size. Breast augmentation can also improve the balance of your figure and help restore self confidence.

Many options exist with this procedure so that it may be tailored to each patient and their individual goals which can vary from a small, athletic, completely natural look to a more voluptuous noticeable enhancement. It is very important to take the time and explore the available options appropriately to arrive at the best plan for YOU! Board Certified General Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Jerry Guanciale, is here to customize the best plan for you to achieve your goals!

It is important to understand what breast implants will NOT achieve! Breast implants alone are not adequate to lift severely droopy breasts. In such cases a breast lift (also known as mastopexy) should be performed either simultaneously with augmentation or separately to achieve an appropriate shape. This approach is commonly used for patients who want to restore shape and volume as well as lift their breasts. If you were hoping to use breast implants for this purpose … stop here and no need to read any more because implants alone will not lift your breasts.

Size and shape:

One of the very important options for breast augmentation is obviously size. Along with this, shape is also very important. A range of implants exist to provide everything from a smaller, flatter, more natural appearing breast to a larger, rounder, more noticeable appearance. Dr. Guanciale will take the time during your consultation to consider all of your goals and to match this with your anatomy to help find the best implant for you.

Another important option for breast augmentation is the location of your incision to place the implant. The main options are around the nipple, under the breast, and under the arm. Each of these incisions have their advantages and disadvantages and Dr. Guanciale will extensively discuss these with you during your consultation.

Implant location:

A third important option when considering breast augmentation is the final placement of the implant. The main options available are either on top of the chest muscle, or underneath it. There are multiple variations of these two procedures and these are used when necessary and tailored to each individual and their anatomy and goals. The main advantage of placing the implant on top of the muscle is a slightly quicker recovery on average and possibly less breast animation in the future. Some of the advantages of placing the implant under the muscle include: better visibility with mammogram, lower risk of rippling or wrinkling, lower risk of breast tightness over time, a more natural appearance in certain patients, and lower risk of implants sagging over time. As with the other options, implant placement is tailored to each individual for optimum results.

Type of implant:

The last major option regarding breast augmentation is the type of implant placed. The main options regarding implant type are saline and silicone. Multiple studies have been performed on both implants and both have been found to be very safe and are FDA approved. Both implants have advantages and disadvantages. The most recent studies have shown a higher patient satisfaction rate with silicone implants as well as a more natural look and feel with lower risks of wrinkling and rippling as well as lower rupture rates. As with all options, the type of implant you choose is a personal decision and the risks and benefits will be extensively discussed with you considering your goals and anatomy.

Breast enhancement surgery is a big decision … be sure you have all of the information YOU need to make YOUR decision! Consult with the ONLY Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeon in our area, Dr. Jerry Guanciale today!

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