Adivive (Lipokit™) Autologous Fat Transfer: Fat can be your Friend!

buttAs you age, fat volume in key areas such as the buttocks, breast, hands, and face diminishes which causes you to look older and often, more tired or worn. This is why many patients request treatments and procedures to smooth the signs of aging by re-creating youthful volume with synthetic dermal fillers, implants, and augmentations.

Fat can be your friend when used properly in targeted places! A natural alternative to dermal fillers and implants is the use of your own fat to replenish volume that has been lost over time through an autologous fat transfer procedure.

The Adivive (Lipokit™) is an all-in-one FDA-approved medical device for collecting, filtering, and transferring a patient’s own fat for use in cosmetic plastic surgery. This is important and unique because unlike manual fat harvest and transfer techniques that most cosmetic and plastic surgeons are using today, the use of the Adivive technology allows for the fat to be filtered to its cellular components. The amount of fat that survives the fat transfer technique has traditionally been unpredictable and often discouraging, but concentrating the unwanted fat with Adivive may significantly improve fat survival thus, improving the cosmetic result following the procedure.

During a manual fat transfer process, it is tough to remove unwanted oils, liquids, blood and there is an increased chance the fat cell will be damaged or destroyed, thus not allowing it to live after the transfer ending in a poor patient result. The Adivive maximizes the concentration of adipocytes (fat cells) in fat by “squeezing” out unwanted fluids such as blood, infiltration fluids, and free oils which allows for a higher volume of survival rates of the transferred fat tissue which increases the likelihood the fat cells will thrive after the transfer resulting in positive treatments and patient outcomes.

Fat harvest and transfer (known as Fat Grafting) removes unwanted fat from your abdomen and/or flanks through liposuction. The fat is treated through the Adivive system and then transferred to the targeted areas where you want to rebuild youthful volume. Fat Transfer is most commonly used to build volume in the lips, the face, the hands, the breasts, and the buttocks (a natural Brazilian Butt Lift). Downtime varies depending on the targeted area chosen for the injection – Brazilian Butt Lift require a longer recovery time than fat transfer to other areas.

If you are looking for a natural way to regain your youthful appearance, consider Fat Transfer! If you are going to undergo a fat transfer procedure, choose the FDA approved technique to maximize your chances of an optimal result – choose the Adivive!

Consult with Fort Mohave’s ONLY Board Certified General Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Jerry Guanciale, today! Fellowship trained in Beverly Hills where Brazilian Butt Lifts are more common than one would think! 🙂 928.768.1616

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