Great Cleavage … at any age!

Are the “girls” not acting the way you would like them to? You aren’t alone … many women are unhappy with their breasts! Where they sit and how they look are key to clothes fitting right and you feeling your best! Thanks to age, pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight loss and gain, breasts change as women change. You don’t have to live with it. Here are a few hints on how to regain your cleavage at any age:

You are what you eat and how you treat! Healthy, strong skin is key to natural, happy breasts. Your diet should include antioxidants and nutrients to help maintain healthy, glowing skin (check out our other blogs on skin care to learn more!), but treating your skin with skin-firming collagen producing laser treatments can rejuvenate and smooth your skin on the neck and chest.

The proper bra puts the “girls” in their place! Push-up bras can give a little or a lot of sexy cleavage, but you need to wear the proper size for a natural result. Push UP doesn’t mean pushed TOGETHER! Proper breast cleavage should have about one inch of center definition between your breasts.

Do the “girls” fall too low without support? Breast lifts (mastopexy) performed alone or with an augmentation can rejuvenate the placement of your breasts on your chest. There are several breast lift techniques – be sure to consult with your cosmetic surgeon to ensure the right one is chosen for you. Remember, this isn’t permanent … age and other factors will still take its toll over time, but a mastopexy does turn back the clock a few years!

Bigger isn’t always better! A breast reduction might be just what you need to shape and contour your natural breasts into a healthy, manageable shape and size. Whether is be covered under insurance or just for a cosmetic purpose, sometimes a reduction can be a major enhancement.

Is augmentation the choice for you? Saline or silicone, teardrop or round, on top of the muscle or below the muscle? So many options and all achieve a different result. Which one is right for you? A consultation with a board-certified cosmetic surgeon will give you lots of answers.

Call 928.768.1616 to consult with Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Jerry Guanciale, today!

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