Breast Implants ~ Care and Health Considerations Post-Surgery

AACSDo you have breast implants? If so, are you taking proper care of them for your health?

So often patients believe that once they undergo breast augmentation surgery with the insertion of breast implants, they do not have to worry about maintaining or caring for the implants. There are special care considerations that Dr. Jerry Guanciale encourages for his breast augmentation patients.

If you have saline implants, they are likely to leak, deflate, or drain the longer you have them in your body. While a saline leak isn’t usually toxic, if you suspect a leak or a flat implant, reach out to your surgeon immediately for evaluation. Saline implants do not preclude patients from successfully getting mammograms; therefore, annual mammograms are recommended when appropriate for your health and age.

If you have silicone implants, unlike saline, the patient isn’t able to notice a ruptured implant as easily. Therefore, FDA encourages patients to not only get annual mammogram evaluations, but also, breast MRI exams. The MRI is able to detect any irregularities or concerns with the health of the implant. Usually, your physician will order a breast MRI exam three years post breast augmentation and then every two to three years after while the implants are in place.

Depending on when you have your first augmentation surgery, breast implants will not last a lifetime. Expect to have them removed and replaced one or two times throughout your life.

As with any foreign body implanted (orthopaedic hardware, implants, etc), your body will naturally produce scar tissue around the implant as you heal. This tissue can crowd or even constrict the implant changing the feel of it – making it hard – or changing its shape which may cause irregularities of the shape of your breast. If this occurs, this can usually be resolved with a surgical procedure.

Overtime, breast implants can change due to aging, hormones or weight fluctuations, so scheduling regular visits with your surgeon is key to make sure you are keeping your implants as healthy as they can be to ensure you FEEL and LOOK your best.

For more information from the FDA on breast implants:

Dr. Jerry Guanciale is Board Certified in General and General Cosmetic Surgery. Contact Dr. Jerry Guanciale today for a breast consultation!

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