Got Cankles? Get Liposuction! Those heels will thank you!

anklesDo you suffer from Cankles? Cankles are fatty deposits that appear where the calf melds the ankle not allowing the leg to taper into a slim, slender ankle like most desire.

Just like any other area of the body, when fat cells become engorged or enlarged, that area expands. In the case of the ankle, there is little room for the to expand due to the structure of the body. This limited room causes the ankles to appear swollen and fat … affectionately known as cankles.

However, fat is not always the cause of the dreaded cankle. The muscle in the ankle area can also contribute to the look of the ankle into the cankle. Genetics also plays a role. Does your mom or grandmother have cankles? If so, you are likely to as well. If you are pregnant, water retention in the lower legs, ankles and feet will also create cankles (albeit, temporary in most cases). There are some medical conditions that cause swollen ankles as well that you should be aware of such as inflammation of the lymphatic system and kidney problems.

If you have cankles, not-related to pregnancy or a medical condition, never fear. Cankles can be contoured into an actual Calf and an Ankle (the way God intended!) with a plastic surgery procedure known as liposuction of the inner and outer portion of the ankle. It’s not an area that is often treated because most do not think of it, but it is possible.

Consult with the Tri-State Area’s ONLY Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Jerry Guanciale, today at 928.768.1616 to see if liposuction of your cankles ankles is right for you!

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